Brian Trenchard, is the founder and president of EnViroTec General Contracting Ltd. and as such I feel it fair that I tell you a little bit about our history, experience and philosophy which is the foundation upon which EnViroTec conducts its activities.

I am also one of the founding members of the National Insulation and Energy Conservation Contractors Association. Formed in Ottawa by a representative from each province. This organization had a large impact on many of the policies used in construction to this day. This organization worked with CMHC, EM&R, National Testing, and many more government bodies which eventually developed procedures for the removal of UFFI from homes across Canada. Developed as part of this program were insulation values for all areas of Canada as well as ventilation procedures which we still use to this day along with many other building procedures which really improved the R2000 home at the time.

I was also the General Manager of one of the three main insulation manufacturers in Canada for a number of years. During this time I saw a need for one of the raw materials we needed, which was newsprint, and it was always in short supply. In the early 1980s I felt that we could collect from drop off points all the newsprint we needed, by setting up collection points throughout the city. This is a time when recycling was yet not a word commonly used and this was the first attempt at it in Winnipeg. We successfully collected all the raw material we needed and homeowners proved that they too were tired of seeing their newspaper going into the trash. This was a small start which started the wheels in motion to get to where we are today and even this is just half way.

During this period I was also president of a company which was heavily involved in building, renovating and conducting remedial measures on homes in order to free them from UFFI. This company had its head office in Winnipeg and a branch office in Regina and Saskatoon and was responsible for hundreds of buildings.

In 1989 I finally was able to fulfill my lifelong dream and move to Victoria and on the 3rd of January, 1991 I incorporated EnViroTec General Contracting Ltd. Even at this time, associates questioned what the name EnViroTec had to do with building, renovations, land development. Had they known my history, they may have understood that being environmentally friendly; using the latest technology and an attention to detail may have been obvious to them as it is now.

With EnViroTec carefully selecting its work, I can focus on these values and build or renovate a home you can be proud to live in. You can turn your development over to me for it to be handled with a great deal of experience, which means you will save money by avoiding mistakes. We have been producing exceptional results in Victoria for over 25 years.
Licensed HPO Builder from the beginning of the program whether it be ideas, design, engineering we can build or renovate your dream. My reputation is that our sites are clean our work is considered top quality and our prices fair whether we build or renovate for a price or manage for a fee.

Developments, Building, Renovating, contact us and you too will see a better way to handle these important projects.